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Maintenance of Split Ac

Miantenance of Split AC

Split AC:

Like any other appliance in your home, your air conditioners also need timely maintenance. Split AC can quickly get dirty, and their efficiency decreases if you don’t clean them in time. Once the device doesn’t perform effectively, you might think of replacing it, which will cost you a lot. Instead of wasting hundreds on a new air conditioning unit, maintain the present system.

Your AC will last much longer and provide the best cooling in this scorching heat with timely cleaning sessions.

Making a Difference:

By availing of Split AC Maintenance Services in time, you get multiple benefits, including:

  • More Efficiency

Cleaning your air conditioning units makes a significant difference in their performance. With regular cleaning, your system performs at its best. Furthermore, it uses far lesser energy. Since the system is clean and there are no dust particles, you get cool air.

  • Greater comfort

Since a clean unit has better performance, it will provide fresh air. Your rooms will quickly cool down, and you won’t need to lower the number of your air conditioner.

  • Longer unit life

Properly maintained units have a longer life span. That is the best thing about appliances. The better you keep them, the longer they last. So, your investment will pay off.

  • Fewer repairing needs

Minor problems caught at an early stage are easier to fix. Moreover, fixing them costs much less. If you ignore minor problems, they could affect the entire system. So, call for help, as soon as you feel that your split AC isn’t providing the same amount of cooling it was previously.


Services Overview:

Our firm specializes in cleaning and maintaining split AC units. Whether your AC needs a deep cleaning or a system check, we are here for you. Each member of our firm is certified to do their job. They will come to your location, check your ACs and fix all of its issues.

Sometimes the fan in your unit stops working, or there is mold in the system. In both situations, we have experienced team members dealing with the issue. Along with these technical matters, we offer:

General cleaning of the entire unit:

  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Cleaning air filters
  • Checking compressor
  • Clean parts of the air conditioner
  • Checking ac capacitor
  • Check pipe condition

We ensure that every issue is addressed and resolved in time, so you don’t face any problems in the future.

Best Split AC in Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Our firm believes in providing excellent cleaning services to every client. Our customer care team makes sure that you feel comfortable while availing of our services. The customer support chat option allows customers to communicate with our team in an emergency.

We send over a team of specialists to your home as soon as you book an appointment. They check every corner of your split AC and identify the problems.

If parts of your unit have dust, we perform a thorough cleaning. From air filters to the main system, each part is cleared of dirt. Our professionals have provided 24 Hour AC Repair Dubai Services to several homes and continue to serve the community.

Not only does our team do an excellent job at cleaning the split AC, but considers all the safety precautions. These include:

  • Drying the unit
  • Disconnecting it from the main
  • Dethatching the front panel
  • Using anti-fungal sprays

Once the cleaning is done, our service providers guide you on how to keep your system clean and safe. You can ask about any type of service and book an appointment online.

Getting the Best Results

Don’t let your expensive air condition units suffer because of your negligence. If you do not avail of timely maintenance services, your split ACs might not be able to survive a long time. So call for help and get the best split ac maintenance services today. Cover your ACs while not in use and close their flaps when you turn them off for the best results. This way, dust, and dirt particles won’t settle within the unit.

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